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News about our latest meeting

Kirkcaldy Speakers

Report of Virtual Meeting held on Tuesday 8th September 2020

Jan Lowe welcomed everyone to our first Zoom meeting of the autumn/winter session of Kirkcaldy Speakers. She spoke a little of the Zoom etiquette for our meetings, and outlined the proposed format for the evening.

Sandra Wilson introduced the 30 second topic, posing the question “Was there something you couldn’t have during lockdown, which you went out and bought as soon as it was lifted? Food featured heavily! From Fish and Chips to Ice Cream. There was also a new kitchen, a trip to France, new pyjamas and wallpaper!

The first Speaker of the evening was Sally Ross who did an Applied Speech, titled “The Tartan Pimpernel”, a tribute to the Rev Dr Donald Caskie, who worked with the Resistance, in France, during WWII. After an Applied Speech, a vote is taken from the audience to decide if the speaker had attained their objective. In this case, to inform and pay tribute. The objective was achieved.

The second speaker was Vivien Hoey who gave an excellent speech titled “The Spoken Word”, an A2 Speech Construction. The aim of an A2 is to use a beginning, a middle and an end, which should flow seamlessly. Vivien delivered an entertaining speech on language throughout the world, and how some languages tie together, and some stand alone.

Jan then led a group evaluation of both speeches. This gave each person present, the opportunity to comment and give constructive advice.

After a short comfort break, Sandra introduced the topic session, posing the question “On leaving a desert island, what is the first thing you would do?” The answers ranged from not wanting to leave the desert island in the first place, to having a bath, cooking a lovely meal, having a cup of tea, catching up with family, and catching up with the Soaps on TV!

Eddie Taylor gave a brief summing up then asked everyone to comment on how the evening had gone. Everyone agreed that it had been an enjoyable meeting and we would learn about what would work and what would not, on Zoom, as we go along.

Jan then closed the meeting, thanking everyone for taking part and making the evening a success.

For further information, please contact Jan Lowe at janlowe164@gmail.com, or our Webpage: kirkcaldyspeakers.org.uk

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