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News about our latest meeting

Kirkcaldy Speakers Club

Report of Meeting held on Wednesday 13th November 2019


Meeting was opened by President Tio White, who welcomed everyone, before handing over to Lorna Henry, who chaired the evening.     Lorna introduced the 30 sec Topic, which was “An Unfulfilled Dream”. The 30 second topic is an opportunity for everyone to speak in a succinct manner, on the given subject.

Vivien Hoey then read a poem by Maya Angelou, called “Still I Rise”. A thought provoking Poem.   Two speakers were then introduced. Rebecca gave an A4/A5, titled “School of Thought”, where she gave her views on modern education in an entertaining and diplomatic way! Susan Thomson delivered an A7, titled “Strategy on a Page”. An A7 is “Use of notes”. Susan passed her notes to the members  present, and delivered a presentation for group feedback. An informative speech, which Susan will be presenting to her work colleagues at a later date.   After the 15 minute interval, Jan and Tamara gave feedback on Rebecca’s speech. As this was an A4/A5, two Advisors were required. Positive feedback  was given, as was the Group feedback, Susan had requested, on her A7.

Lorna then introduced the Topic session. It took the form of Colloquialisms, which may not be well known by our two, non-native English speaking members. As it turned out, one or two of our younger members were not familiar with some of them either! They ranged from “At a loose end - - “ to “Throw cold water on - - “ An educational topic which may give rise to more in the future.

Business Session:

Meeting Report: Accepted

Correspondence: Email from Dunfermline outlining Speaker, Evaluator and Topic Chair for their visit on 27 th November.

Treasurer’s Report: One or two subscriptions still pending.

Next meeting’s programme: Arranged by Vivien Hoey. Visit from Dunfermline Speakers.

President’s Report: None

AOCB: Tamara and Bogushia to be given notes prior to speeches. Lorna proposed the reintroduction of a General Evaluator (GE). This was seconded by Jan. Vivien was asked to draw up a synopsis of what the GE would do. Lorna also requested that all questions and matters arising during the meeting be addressed through the Chair.

Secretary to email Dunfermline re the Applied Speech that Marj will present, and to ask Eddie Tayler to say a few words at the end of the evening.

The Christmas Party evening will be on the 11 th December 2019.

Meeting closed at 9.20pm

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